TenCate Geotube® Concrete Mattress (CM)

TenCate Geotube® Concrete Mattress (CM) is manufactured using a double layer of specially engineered fabrics structured such that cement mortar can be pumped in on-site to form a concrete mattress.  Depending on the different site conditions, TenCate offers a range of rigid and flexible concrete mattress systems which typically range in thickness from 80mm to 180mm.

The mattress can be used as revetments and channel linings with a hard durable surface. Alternatively, a hybrid system with concrete cellular sections that contain soil and vegetation within the cells is available for greener esthetics. The Geotube® concrete mattress can also be used to protect canals, dams, ponds and other impoundments from erosion. In port and harbour constructions, Geotube® concrete mattress offers a more cost effective and time efficient option to concrete slabs and rip-rap.

Benefits of Geotube® Concrete Mattress:

  • Cost effective alternative to concrete slabs and rip-rap applications
  • Faster construction time as compared to conventional cast insitu
  • Effective erosion protection option for preferences towards concrete structure applications
  • Range of concrete mattress system available (rigid, flexible and green) for different site conditions

Typical Applications of Geotube® Concrete Mattress

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TenCate Geotube® Waterways & Impoundments Brochure

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Irrigation Canal Lined with Concrete Mattress


Sinthay River originates from the Sinthay reservoir situated about 50km to the North of Naypidaw and flows pass a broad floodplain valley to eventually join the Sittaung River to the East of Naypidaw.

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