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Irrigation Canal Lined with Concrete Mattress


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Project Erosion Protection for Irrigation Canals
Location Sinthay River Valley, Myanmar
Owner N/A
Products used Geotube® Concrete Mattress


Sinthay River originates from the Sinthay reservoir situated about 50 km to the North of Naypidaw and flows pass a broad floodplain valley to eventually join the Sittaung River to the East of Naypidaw. The Sinthay river valley is fertile and suitable for farming. Not only monsoon paddy is grown but the Sinthay reservoir has allowed multiple crop cultivation to be carried out all year round. However, irrigational canals have to be constructed to bring water from Sinthay River to farms in the river valley.

In 2013, the construction of irrigation canals to irrigate farmland near Kyaukwat and Thayetpin was carried out. The base soil is easily eroded by rainfall runoffs and channel flows. Geomattress CFM 80 concrete mattress was used to line the irrigation canals for erosion protection. The system does not require heavy machinery for installation. The installed concrete mattress provides a hard, durable and aesthetic surface finish (micro concrete compressive strength can reach up to 18 MPa).

The product was laid over the excavated canal section and then filled with micro concrete. The micro concrete was site mixed and pumped to fill the concrete mattress using a small combined mixer cum pumping set-up. About 200 m² of concrete mattress into a top trench. A cast insitu concrete coping section was constructed above the top of the concrete mattress and the trench behind was backfilled with suitable soil. About 1.5 km of irrigation canals lined with Geommattress CFM 80 creter mattress were constructed to the satisfaction of the client on this project.

Erosion Protection for Irrigation Canals

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