TenCate Geosynthetics offers effective solutions for the reinforcement of slopes and walls with TenCate Miragrid® GX geogrids and Polyfelt® PEC composite geotextiles. Both products are used for mechanically stabilized earth system solutions designed to offer the ideal characteristics of high tensile strength, low elongation, low creep and are inert to chemical degradation. This makes Miragrid® GX geogrids and Polyfelt® PEC composite geotextiles suitable for long term (>100 years) reinforcement applications.

  • The polymer coated flexible structure of Miragrid® GX geogrids ensures high interlock and high soil interaction. It is suitable for granular soil used in the reinforcement of slopes and walls.
  • Polyfelt® PEC geocomposites combine reinforcement with superior filtration and drainage functionality to enable finer-grained soils to be reinforced. The rapid release of pore water along the geotextile significantly reduces horizontal earth pressure and increases structural stability.
  • Both solutions are quick and easy to install and work effectively with various types of facing systems. Common applications are reinforced slopes with wrap around and vegetated facings, steel mesh formwork facings, full height wall facings and segmental block facings. Practical green-facing systems are often adopted to blend in with the surrounding environment with the combination of erosion control solutions. 

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