Basal Reinforcement encompasses embankments over soft soils, reinforced embankments on piles and reinforced embankments over cavities. Reinforced Embankments are  essentially constructed to hold back water, carry a roadway, and generally create an elevated area of land.

Geosynthetics reinforce the shear stresses of the fill material leading to an increase of the foundation bearing capacity. High strength geosynthetics provide a cost effective solution to achieve a greater and quicker stability of embankments constructed on soft foundations.

Basal reinforcement with high strength geosynthetics allow:

  • Optimum embankment height over a minimum area
  • Steeper side slopes
  • Increase in construction speed with no loss of stability
  • Resistance to outward movement of the embankment
  • Optimisation of load transfer platforms to achieve a greater stability and surface settlement control
  • Reinforcement while preventing the collapse of the structure, ensuring the safety of the users.
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