Geotextiles for subgrade stabilization

Subgrade stabilization is the use of geosynthetic reinforcement elements to provide constructability and access over very soft soils. The use establishes a well-compacted non-yielding platform with uniform support.

TenCate Geosynthetics deliver solutions that enhance subgrade stabilization applications in various building site infrastructures, transportation infrastructures, environmental infrastructures and some water infrastructures.

Pavement technology has demonstrated the following:

  • An effective separation geotextile requires high permeability to allow rapid dissipation of excess pore pressures built up during transient wheel load passes.
  • The initial tensile stiffness modulus (typically at 2% strain) in the geotextile inclusion is the key performance property for the reinforcement function and effectiveness.
  • Good interaction properties between the geotextile and aggregate at the interface is responsible for effective lateral restraint of the aggregate layer.

For effective subgrade stabilization of unpaved roads, load support platforms, permanent pavements and any other platforms with extremely soft soils, TenCate brings forth a specially developed class of geotextiles that combines all the critical performance functions necessary for optimum subgrade stabilization design of roadway systems.

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