TenCate Geocontainer® for underwater structures

TenCate Geocontainer® units are specially designed to be filled before being placed in the water. Special split bottom barges are used to fill the containers with sand. After filling and sealing the Geocontainer® units, the barge moves to the proper position and the bottom opens, the container slides through the split-bottom barge and settles to the bottom. The containers can be placed in position with a high degree of accuracy to create underwater structures such as dykes and can be used to close openings, contain dredge spoils or other materials, or change water and wave action. Thus the containers are ideal for coastal protection and infrastructures of ports and harbours.

Geocontainer® units are envelope or tubular shaped and typically range in volume from 100m³ to 800m³. The fabric can consist of either an engineered woven or a composite geotextile depending on the application requirements.

Benefits of TenCate Geocontainer®:

  • Ideal for underwater structures such as dykes and breakwaters
  • Specially engineered containment system
  • Custom designed to fit the size of the barge

Typical Applications of Geotube® Geocontainer

Breakwaters Protection

TenCate Geotube® and Geocontainer® are used to construct breakwaters as marine structures for shoreline erosion protection. Replaces conventional rock fill.

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