TenCate Mirafi® HPa Woven geotextiles

TenCate Mirafi® HPa is a specially developed class of woven geotextile that combines all the critical performance functions such as separation, reinforcement, aggregate confinement and permeability for optimum subgrade stabilization of roadway systems. It is also commonly applied in the construction of load supporting platforms over very soft and wet unstable soils.

Benefits of Mirafi® HPa:

  • Separation performance - the small opening size of Mirafi® HPa helps prevent intrusion of aggregates into the soft subgrade and prevent pumping of fines from the subgrade upwards into the aggregate layer
  • Reinforcement performance - the high initial modulus makes it ideal as basecourse reinforcement and is effective at all angles of stressing
  • Aggregate confinement performance - the high interface interaction coefficient of Mirafi® HPa with granular material restrains outward shear at the interface of aggregate layer and subgrade, thereby contributing to bearing capacity improvement of the subgrade
  • Permeability performance - the high permeability of Mirafi® HPa allows rapid dissipation of excess pore water pressure to minimise undrained conditions and reduce plastic deformations in the subgrade
  • Highly cost effective - four critical performance functions in one woven geotextile saves significant raw material cost, construction time and labour cost

Typical Applications of Mirafi® HPa

Subgrade Stabilization

We deliver subgrade stabilization solutions for unpaved roads, load support platforms, permanent pavements and other platforms with extremely soft soils.

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