TenCate Miragrid® Geogrids

TenCate Miragrid® GX products are knitted geogrids made from polymer coated high tenacity polyester yarns with a flexible structure that ensures high interlocking mechanism and high soil interaction. It offers high tensile strength with low creep characteristics, high chemical, biological and construction damage resistance. A full range of tensile strengths is available.

Benefits of TenCate Miragrid®GX:

  • High tensile strength at low elongation
  • Low tendency to creep
  • Resistance to installation damage
  • High chemical and biological resistance
  • Optimized grid aperture for maximum interlocking mechanism
  • Excellent pull-out and interface friction behavior
  • Superior connection capacity with modular blocks
  • Simple and quick installation

    Typical Applications of Miragrid® GX

    Reinforced Walls and Slopes

    Our geogrids and geocomposites offers high tensile strength, low elongation, low creep and high chemical resistance designed for reinforced walls and slopes.

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    TenCate Solutions for Reinforced Walls & Slopes Brochure

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    Miragrid® GX - Road Embankment Slope Failure Repair

    Thailand, Lampoon Road

    The road between the provincial towns of Khun Tan and Lampoon in Northen Thailand is an important economic link between the two towns.

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