TenCate GeoDetect® has a unique design that embeds fiber optic sensors into a composite geotextile during the manufacturing process. The geosynthetic composite has a highly efficient interaction with the soil and therefore can accurately measure soil strain. Thus, the TenCate GeoDetect®sensor-enabled composite offers an accurate measurement system that can be easily adapted to monitor a wide variety of geotechnical engineering structures. TenCate’s exclusive Distributed Anchoring System enables the sensor-enabled geotextile to have an intimate relationship with the soil. Strain and temperature information is transferred from the soil directly to the fabric and to the fiber optic with nearly perfect accuracy.


  • Provide an early warning
  • Validate design assumptions
  • Identify a looming problem
  • Reveal unknown changes
  • Improve performance
  • Acquire state-of-art knowledge
  • Inform stakeholders
  • Satisfy regulators
  • Reduce litigation
  • Confirm ongoing structural integrity

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